What we do at MMAKS

Intellectual Property

MMAKS has a wide and extensive experience in dealing with counterfeiting and intellectual property related matters in Uganda and the East African region.

We have acted and consulted for a wide range of clients in such matters. Below are some of our highlights:


Consultancy on ongoing counterfeiting and intellectual property related matters focusing on Uganda as part of wider study on intellectual and counterfeiting laws in the East African Region

Ongoing registration and renewals of intellectual property including trademarks like Apple, C.A.T, Fox, Discovery Health Channel, M-Net logo, Pampers, Sheraton, Google, Carlifonia Cola etc.

Acting for the Colgate Palmolive Company in a suit involving actions amounting to infringement of the Plaintiff's trademark and passing off of the Defendant's goods consigned to the Defendant as goods of the Plaintiff, unlawful interference with the Plaintiff's right in the market as the sole registered user thereof and a permanent injunction restraining the Defendant from any further acts of trademark infringement.

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