How we impact community at MMAKS

Corporate Social Responsibility

MMAKS is a member of Trust Law ConnectMMAKS is a member of Trust Law Connect.

MMAKS’ approach to social corporate responsibility is one of unwavering commitment. We support positive change in our environment and society at large, and have over the years strived to partner with organisations whose initiatives resonate with values of integrity, equality and human dignity and respect.

MMAKS’ Support

In this regard, we are invariably dedicated to:

Rendering free services to organisations like Trust Law Connect, Arrive Alive Uganda, Junior Achievement Uganda, Katalemwa Cheshire Homes for the Paraplegic, Advocates for International DevelopmentSanyu Babies Home by:

  • assisting in setting up and/or restructuring the organisations;
  • providing strategic legal advice on the organis]ations’ day to day operations;
  • advising on compliance with any applicable and ongoing obligations under the Ugandan regulatory environment; and
  • providing timely responses to legal and business queries as and when they arise.

Committing our time:

  • to attend and participate in health initiatives e.g the financing and collection of oxygen gas to supplement the shortage in Mulago Hospital in 2012, and attending seminars hosted by the Nodding Disease Appeal and providing financial contributions in support of the Appeal;
  • to visit, understand and actively engage in the activities of the organizations e.g collection of various human necessities, feeding and play visits to children at Sanyu Babies Home Orphanage;
  • to actively participate, as a firm, at the annual pro bono day.

Providing moral support and financial assistance for environment.

  • donations to Butakibo under a project initiated by the Nnabagereka (Queen of Buganda);
  • donations to Kids for Africa;
  • donations to Sanyu Babies Home; and
  • contributions to the Nodding Disease Appeal.