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Investing in Uganda: Law Regulations and Tax Considerations

Written: 24 Jul 2017
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Regulatory Environment Incorporating/ Registering a Company: Investment vehicles in Uganda take on various forms including among others single member companies, private limited liability companies, incorporated and unincorporated joint ventures, partnerships and trusts. The most common vehicle for investment is the private limited liability company.
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Conflict between the Income Tax Act and the Double Taxation Agreement or treaty shopping?

Written: 12 Dec 2015
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A Mauritian company has sued the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) seeking a declaration that the assessment raised against them is illegal. The Plaintiff received dividends from a Ugandan company with tax withheld at 10% as a benefit under the Mauritius Uganda Double Taxation Agreement (DTA), instead of at the usual withholding tax rate of 15%. Following a request for information by URA, it came to light that the Mauritian entity was held entirely by a Kenyan resident. The Mauritian company's only economic activity in Mauritius was to hold the shares in the Ugandan company.
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