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Copyright Infringement Law: Update -- Angella Katatumba -v- The Anti-Corruption Coalition Of Uganda (ACCU) (H.C.C.S No. 307 Of 2011)

Written: 12 Dec 2015
The High Court recently passed a judgment on infringement of copyright, fair use and damages under copyright infringement. Background The Plaintiff (Katatumba) is an artist, composer singer and performer in Uganda whose song was incorporated into and released as part of an advertisement jingle by the Defendant for an environmental conservation agenda to save a forest reserve.
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Trademark Application No. 2013/48063 Nairobi Java House Coffee & Tea and No. 2013/48062 Java House & Java Sun in Class 43 in the name of Nairobi Java House Limited and opposition thereto by Mandela Auto Spares Limited

Written: 21 May 2015
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On 21st May 2015, the Registrar of Trademarks delivered a landmark ruling on descriptiveness, likelihood of confusion and concurrent use in an opposition to the registration of trademarks. MMAKS Advocates was pleased to represent the Opponent, Mandela Auto Spares Limited. The Applicant sought to register the device trademarks Nairobi Java House Coffee & Tea and Java House and Java Sun in respect of services in class 43 “the offending applications”. The Opponent is the registered owner of trademarks Café Javas and Javas dating back 7 years
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